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Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

July 20, 2011

I’m hoping this is true as i really have been away far too long, so big apologies.

It has been for no reason other than being so darn busy with work, not having the time to find and absorb inspiration let alone blog about it!! The main project taking over my life at the moment is Christmas, strange i know, but in magazine world we start preparing for this in July with most Christmas issues completed by September. It’s a bit later here in Oz but i’ve been putting together the press release for our little pop up Christmas shop. Do you remember me telling you about it here?  Well i’ve been making sure we have some lovely products and images to show the UK press this year as we are rather excitingly launching online at the end of October. What a slog it’s been, who would have thought it would be so time consuming?!

Anyway I can share with you a little sneak peak, what do you think?

This is the image i’ve posted on the homepage whilst the website is being built.  I’m very excited as we have lots of lovely things, with a real emphasis on handmade and crafty products. Spot the hand crocheted snowflakes, made in Yorkshire, yay!

Well the press release has been sent so fingers crossed it’s received well……now it’s just a website to build, packaging to design, more products to source……hi ho, hi ho, back to work i go!

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