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Geometric Crazy

May 6, 2011

Is it just me or do you have several projects on the go at once? I’m a little bit cross with myself as two of the major re-vamps i had planned at least a couple of months ago still havn’t happened. One is the lamp that is sat in the corner of our living space looking very sad and forlorn, with a few bits of new trim and fabric ideas thrown over it for good measure. Second is a little side table i picked up at a garage sale, along with this thonet chair, that i had big plans for. Look, i even made a moodboard!!

I planned to paint the table one colour and then do some kind of graphic pattern with triangles and different colours on the top. I was dead excited about it and then, i dunno, i kind of lost my mojo. I  managed to paint it all a nice dark teal colour but the pattern kind of got forgotten. ANYWAY, i discovered these today and it kind of rekindled my excitement……

Both from Patternity – a design studio specialising in, yep you’ve guessed it, Pattern. The book cover is a 1950’s design from their rather excellent archive, which is constantly updated with patterned finds from around the world. The shift table is part of a collection from a collaboration with furniture maker Toby Winteringham. Excellent stuff.

These little treasures are from Fun Makes Good, run by Eleanor Young a Glasgow based textile designer and upholsterer. Eleanor cleverly re-works old furniture for clients as well as designing striking pouffes and cushions, which you can buy here and here.

So, feeling suitably inspired again, plus by telling you guys, i hope to finally complete this project! Watch this space!!

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