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April 12, 2011

Weekend that is? We had a great day at the races, the sun was out with his large yellow hat  on and we managed to double our money!!! What can i say, i seem to pick the winners {it helps when horses have names such as Hurtle Murtle and Crafty Irna}.

Here i am celebrating when Crafty Irna came in first {caught doing a fist pump, oh dear} there were big odds so we won over $400 for a $20 bet!! As we’re planning a trip to Melbourne at Easter we decided to put it towards a little spot of shopping, yay!

The sweetest hand made 50’s apron i picked up at the garage sale trail for a few dollars, i love the cross stitch and ric rac trim. Also managed to find some nice books, a yoga mat and some picture frames all for less than $20. I LOVE BARGAINS!!!

A trip to my favourite fabric shop yesterday and i picked up a these lovely Liberty fabrics for some crafty things i’m working on at the moment.

It means i’ve been putting to use my sewing machine {should have moved my cereal bowl, oops} which i picked up on ebay and despite it weighing the same as a small elephant it really does sew like a dream, i think it was made in the 50’s/60’s so not bad for an old girl.

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  1. Beryl permalink
    April 15, 2011 7:41 pm

    Congratulations on your win and with a name like that you can’t lose! Looking forward to seeing what you are making with the Liberty fabrics;)
    Great sewing machine too, looks similar to one I learnt on as a wee lass!
    An old girl signing out!

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