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Rose Seidler House & Back to the Future

April 5, 2011

With both of us working on saturday we decided to make the most of sunday and the sunshine by heading north to the Rose Seilder House in Wahroonga. Harry Seidler built this house for his mother {Rose} in 1948.

This house bought Modernism to Australia and must have looked to the locals in 1948 a bit like a spaceship landing in the bush!!!

Harry Seidler attended the Harvard School of Design and studied under Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus school of modern art and architecture. He visited Australia for a family renuinion {via Brazil, can you see the influence in the mural?!} and was comissioned to build this house by his parents.

Like so many he never left, apparently he marvelled at the Australian landscape and recoiled at it’s suburban ‘architectural wasteland’. Lucky for Oz as he has gone on to design a huge number of ¬†important, innovative, controversial and award winning buildings. Lots can be seen around Sydney.

The kitchen still had all it’s original appliances and was apparently one of the best equipped in Australia in 1950, check out the magimix! Colours seen in the mural are also seen here in the kitchen and are part of the colour scheme elsewhere in the house all against a neutral backdrop of light and mid grey.

Most of the furnishings and furniture in the house are original and was bought over from the New York showrooms of Herman Miller and Knoll International or designed by Harry himself. This was the first time these designs were seen in Australia.

If you’re wondering about the Back to the Future bit in the post title then yes i do mean the films, and yes i was dragged to the cinema for a ‘marathon’ session where i got to enjoy both the films sequels 2 and 3. What we do for love. But it was all in aid of charity and seemed to be a big success, i was just a bit surprised at how many cinema goers actually came in costume, oh yes, they dressed up as MJ Fox the Doc and the like, a little bit alarming!

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