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Knit, stitch, hook

March 30, 2011

Another bought of knitting has started here in the Rastall Frost household, an attempt at Herringbone stitch to make this lovely cowl. It’s quite tricky.

As well as wrestling with herringbone i’ve also been collecting together some of my favourite products that are directly crafted from knitting, sewing and crochet or that simply take inspiration from these crafts. Have a gander.

Tweet, tweet – melamine cross stitched tray from Douglas and Hope, lots of other cute designs to choose from too.

Vintage rose cross stitch kits available from The Six Week Boutique.

Pretty stitching from Claire Coles.

Crochet Rose rug in coral and Betsy Rasa rug, both from Tsar.

The fabulous Donna Wilson showcasing her new welsh woven textiles collection for SCP, Bora Da, on this rather lovely chesterfield sofa.

These amazing digital textiles created by Chae Young Kim are not photographed or hand drawn but created with 2d fine lines using computer graphics. They can be ordered as ‘stick up’ panels, ready to roll blinds, or murals from Surface View Two.

These hand made crocheted lace rugs are made from off-cuts from the textile industry, comes in black too, available from Gallop.

Last but not least, beautiful vases from Annette Burgansky, they’ve been around for a while but are still stunning and so tactile looking. Lovely.





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