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Six months wed

March 18, 2011

Oh how time flies, i can’t believe we have been married for 6 months already. After 10+ years together, 6 months is but a drop in the ocean and although at first it doesn’t feel any different, subtle changes make themselves known and it’s hard to describe, other than it’s a lovely thing.

Wedding season is upon us in a big way and although i managed to post a little bit about my own wedding preparations (here) in that incredibly frantic time i never really shared any of the pictures from the actual day.

We were lucky enough to be married in Italy and it was a fab location but it bought with it its own problems when planning a wedding, distance, location and language barrier being just a few!!!.

I don’t know if it is, but for anyone getting married soon i thought it may be useful to share a few lessons and tricks i learnt to make sure not only that the day goes smoothly but also most importantly that you enjoy it! I think lots of people are secret perfectionists especially when it comes to their wedding day and they want it to look and feel perfect. I was just the same and had everything planned like a shoot – but like a shoot where everything is prepped as much as possible beforehand and is supposed to look effortlessly beautiful, the reality is there are a 101 things going on behind the scenes and going through your head, so…..

Lesson 1: Remember you can’t control everything!!

You can do as much planning as you want but things can go awol! I wanted my marquee set up by the afternoon before the wedding so i could start dressing the tables, arranging jars for the flowers etc. but lo and behold some vital part was left back at the warehouse so in reality the marquee wasn’t even up before our guests arrived for the rehersal dinner at 8pm!!! Ahhhh!!!! This meant that the marquee was no where near ready for dressing until the morning of the wedding – when i’m supposed to be getting ready.

Lesson 2: Always go with your instincts, no matter what anyone else tells you.

Inititally i wanted to buy all my own flowers at the market on the day before the wedding, i had a florist friend who wanted to do the flowers plus it was my wedding i wanted to get my hands dirty! Hey ho i allowed myself to be persuaded to use an Italian florist who didn’t really get what i wanted. I ended up sending pictures for my bouquet and buttonholes and then ordered a load of cut flowers that my friend could arrange into my jars. On the day my Dad collected the flowers (as said florist wanted to charge 300 euro’s to deliver, just to deliver!!!!) and came back with a bridal bouquet the size of a house, buttonholes held together with sticky tape and 3 hydangea heads and a bunch of mouldy old herbs for my 5 tables. Lets just say i was not happy (my poor dad did not realise this was not what i had ordered!).

Lesson 3: Have a friend, or friends, that you trust to take charge and can pull things together if needed.

I was incredibly lucky in that i had Charlotte my florist friend who totally took charge of the situation and sat in the rain with her little helpers foraging for herbs and foliage sorting out my flowers, she took apart mine and the bridesmaid bouquets re-arranged them and then used the left overs to dress the tables. More flowers eventually arrived but about half an hour before we had to leave for the ceremony so they were shoved in vases pretty quick!! Another of my best friends took total charge of dressing the marquee and did an outstanding job (love you Sara) so i could concentrate on getting ready with my mum and bridesmaid – a special time that should not be rushed or stressed!!!

Lesson 4: Pick vendors that understand your vision

This goes for everyone you employ to help or provide a service for your wedding. Again i was so lucky, i had my florist, Charlotte, on hand and also another great friend, Bethan, who did my hair and makeup. Her partner Daryl sorted out our wedding playlist so all in all we had a lot of help from mates. Obviously i totally messed up with the Italian florist, eek, but it was Italy and had it been in the UK it would have been a totally different story, i’d have handed the whole thing over to Charlotte, job done. But as i hope you can tell from my beautiful pictures we didn’t mess up with the photographers. We flew them out to Italy from the UK, the images that were captured of the day were just so important to us, working in the job i do they had to be right. We were not disappointed and Teri and Paul went above and beyond our expectations and have been brilliant to work with. They got straight away what we wanted, i showed them my moodboards and the invitations to give a feel of what we were after and they did an outstanding job. I’m so chuffed with the results!!

Lesson 5: My god enjoy yourself girl!!!!

Once i left the venue to go to the ceremony i tried to forget all the problems with the flowers, marquee, the rain (yes it peed it down with THE loudest thunderstorm during the speeches!) and concentrate on enjoying the day. At times it was all of a bit of a blur but i look back on the pictures and despite thinking that maybe this could have been different or i wish that i’d had more time to do that -i wouldn’t have changed a thing, it all added up to make our day special and more memorable to say the least!

Thank you for indulging me here, it’s been lovely to go through the pictures again and get a few rants off the chest!! Normal service resumes next week, promise!

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  1. March 21, 2011 9:20 am

    The photos are so gorgeous! and congratulations on the wedding too! Absolutely fantastic! K

    • louiserastall permalink*
      March 22, 2011 8:49 am

      Thanks Kristina, and for all your lovely comments x

  2. homeshoppingspy permalink
    March 22, 2011 10:46 pm

    Louise – this is such a beautiful post. Gorgeous photography and a very honest account of the wedding experience – the highs and lows! Hope you’re well down-under and hopefully catch up soon x Ellie x

    • louiserastall permalink*
      March 25, 2011 2:49 pm

      Thanks Ellie pops! Hope you got my email through, let me know if you need any more xx

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